Regimental History

Why were the 78th Fraser Highlanders raised?

FHRegtColourStruggles between Britain and France

The final phase of the 150-year struggle between Britain and France in North America began in 1754. It became clear that large-scale military action in the colonial conflict was needed if Britain was to prevail. This would require sending British regulars to North America.

Authority was granted for the raising of two Highland Battalions, the 62nd Regiment of Foot (Montgomery's Highlanders) and the 63rd Regiment of Foot (Fraser's Highlanders), for service in the New World. Simon Fraser, Master of Lovat, son of the 11th Lord Lovat, who was executed for his part in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745-46, was commissioned Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant. 

Regiment assembles at Inverness

The 78th assembled at Inverness, and soon recruited to full strength. In fact, when the regiment embarked at Glasgow in April 1757, it was accompanied by so many volunteers that three additional companies were authorized. When another company was added in 1758, the unit had a formidable strength of 1,542 all ranks.

Photos of 78th Frasers