The Modern Regiment

The Modern Regiment

The Fraser Highlanders raised again

In 1964, with Expo 67 being planned, the Montreal Military & Maritime Museum decided to re-raise this famous Regiment to take part in the colour and festivities of the World's Fair. Colonel J. Ralph Harper undertook the research and Mr. David M. Stewart provided financial and moral support.

The first student squad

By 1967, 12 young men, between 15 and 22 years of age, paraded with the uniform and equipment used 200 years earlier. They have gone from strength to strength, from 12 young men to 24, representing Montreal, Quebec and Canada across North America, and even Europe.

The young men chosen to be Fraser Highlanders work during the summer months and present their 18th century military drills, with muskets or bagapipes and drums, at the Old Fort on St. Helen's Island. Now, too, Garrisons in Calgary, Ottawa and Quebec City have young men who parade regularly.

"Old Boys"

Members of the 78th Fraser Highlanders "Old Boys" Association can be found in cities across Canada in pursuit of their careers as professionals and businessmen, and in the R.C.M.P. and the Regular and Reserve components of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Photos of 78th Frasers