Report on Commanders Conference 2012

BDB Tapping_the_beer_kegLCOL Bolton Taps the Beer KegThe Regimental Commanders Conference on September 14-16 in Kitchener-Waterloo was unequaled for beer consuming hospitality - a preview of the great regional Oktoberfest itself. Most Garrisons were represented with serious and less serious discussions being held. The Regimental Chief-of-Staff, LCol Bruce Bolton had the honour of tapping the keg (see photo), The Colonel Commandant Robert Darling received the Oktoberfest Medal from the Festival’s President. On Saturday night a wonderful Mess Dinner was enjoyed by all, with copious and delicious fare, drink and an Address to the Haggis by LCol Roman Ciewiercz (a Scot you say!) that all will remember. The Regiment thanks all members of the Fort Conestoga Garrison for putting the conference together so well, and especially Major Don Wilcox, OC; and HLCol Tony Lea and Col Roman Ciewiercz.

PREPARE FOR MONTREAL - The next Commanders’ Conference will be held in Montreal in June to mark the 250th anniversary of the end of the Seven Years War. All will be welcome. More details to follow.

Roman HaggisLCOL Ciewiercz addresses the haggis


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