quebec-1975It all started on a trip that I took with Ross to Belgium to see arms collections and military museums! When I explained what the 78th squad was all about and the need for funding Ross’ creative nature locked in. Colonel Ross Oborne became a fanatic of the 78th Fraser Highlanders and he used his position at Nesbitt Thompson, and his then secretary Sheila Horan Robson, to promote the 200th anniversary re-enactment of the attempted taking of Quebec by the American Forces in 1775. The concept of Officers buying their commissions, as was done in the 18th century British army, led to the setting up of garrisons across north America, often based on Ross’ business relationships. The Regiment continued to grow to what we know today. Over the years Ross was the example of what we aim for - teaching history, passing the torch to youth and having fun while doing so. He will be missed but remembered. BDB

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Photos of 78th Frasers